Cochlear (ASX:COH) loses US$268 million appeal

Cochlear (ASX:COH) loses US$268 million appeal


Cochlear (ASX:COH) today announced that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, DC has affirmed the US District Court award of $268 million US in patent infringement damages against Cochlear and its US subsidiary Cochlear Americas.

It was from the lawsuit by the Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research (“AMF”) and Advanced Bionics LLC (“AB”).

Cochlear’s CEO & President, Dig Howitt said, “This case relates to two patents that are long expired. The Court invalidated the first patent and the remaining patent was much narrower in scope. We believe the amount of damages awarded is out of proportion with the limited application of the patented feature.

Cochlear will seek an en banc review by the full Court of Appeals in a petition for a rehearing.

Shares in Cochlear (ASX:COH) are trading 1.21 per cent higher at $176.62.
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