Monthly Archives - October 2022

Tech earnings slam Nasdaq

28 Oct 2022 - US equities ended mixed in Thursday trading, finishing near session lows. Meta shares plummeted on a weak fourth-quarter forecast and disappointing third-quarter earnings. Apple shares are currently trading down 2% post their results with Amazon shares currently down 18% following an earnings miss.


Tech giants fail to deliver on earnings: Biotechs finding support

27 Oct 2022 - The Nasdaq and S&P 500 slid Wednesday as traders assessed disappointing earnings from tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet. The swings in the major indexes reflect a “tug of war” between corporate America and the Federal Reserve that has left investors attempting to balance what companies are reporting and what that means for future interest rate hikes.


Falling yields, slowing economic data and earnings supporting US markets

26 Oct 2022 - Stocks rose for another session Tuesday, a decline in yields contributed to the latest gain and new data for further clues into the health of the U.S. economy. It appears that the market is just starting to get some some indication that economic data moving forward is likely to slow, with the the knock-on effects meaning the aggressive stance of the Fed may ease.