Monthly Archives - February 2022

Reel to recovery snaps S&P500 2-week losing streak: ASX to rally

28 Feb 2022 - Global major indexes rallied from oversold territory on Friday as dip buyers emerged amid Putin painting red on Ukraine. Extended sanctions from the West helped market reprieve with talks over the weekend with the US and Europe set to to cut Russian banks out of the SWIFT payments system. Reporting season to end today.


Dip buyers launch Wall St’s rally, Volatility ensues after Putin paints red: ASX to rise

25 Feb 2022 - Global market sell-off recovered after a 2nd round of sanctions as Russia's invasion on Ukraine deepens. Stocks with Russian exposure crashed while oil prices jumped. Insights around what economic benefit could lie globally, in particular China. Discussion around Russia and the SWIFT system. No local economic news today.


Biden says Ukraine tension is an invasion, triggers Wall St fall: ASX to edge lower

23 Feb 2022 - Global markets closed mixed after Russia recognised two regions in Eastern Ukraine in breach of the Minsk agreement, before ordering troops in. S&P 500 officially in correction territory as geopolitical issues take the wind out of stocks. Renewed Beijing tech crackdown sends Asian stocks lower. AUD on watch as wage growth index figures are due today.