Sequoia Direct caters to self directed investors looking for a fast and secure execution only service for buying or selling Australian Shares.

Through our Bourse trading platforms you can place your own orders online and we execute them into the market real-time. Alternatively you can place your orders over the phone by phoning 1300 363 766

Australian Shares

Trading shares through Sequoia Direct is affordable, simple and flexible. When you combine our Sequoia Direct execution services with our Bourse trading software and market analyser tools you get an unparalleled trading and investment experience.

Sell Orders

You can only sell shares you currently hold on CHESS or alternatively hold within your margin loan account.

Buy Orders

You can buy shares online or over the phone to your linked investment account. You can choose to have your account linked to your nominated cash account or alternatively linked to your nominated Margin Loan proved.

Amend and Cancel Orders

You can amend or cancel an open order either online or through our phone service.

Each of your trades are settled on the basis of the trade date plus two business days. Significant fees apply if a buy order does not settle correctly when the funds are requested from your account. Please see our fees for further information.

Useful Information

When you turn your mind to the prospect of investing in the sharemarket there are a lot of things to consider.

This chart is comprised of quarter end index levels for the ASX All Ordinaries Share Price Index chart.

CHESS brochure will help you to consider how do you find a stockbroker that suits your needs?, how do you set up an account with a broker?, if you are talking to an adviser, what are they likely to ask you?, what is all the paperwork about? and after you have bought some shares, what happens next?