Monthly Archives - September 2021

Wall St mixed, Debt ceiling drama continues, Morgan upgrades Evolution Mining: ASX to rise

30 Sep 2021 - Mixed closed around the globe as the surge in bond yields take a breather amid lawmakers in Washington DC’s debate over the debt ceiling. European markets rose while Asian markets saw mixed reactions to Japan’s new prime minster and Evergrande’s moves. Morgan upgraded Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN) but cut its price target.


Wall St tumbles, Warren opposes reappoint of Fed Chair, CSL rated as Neutral: ASX to fall

29 Sep 2021 - Global stocks saw a sell-off while energy stocks climbed on a supply crimp. Inflation worries ripple as treasury bond yields climb. Fed Chair described as a "dangerous man" from Senator Elizabeth Warren amid scruitiny on trading conduct of FOMC members, including Mr Powell himself. Credit Suisse rated CSL (ASX:CSL) as a buy with a dampened outlook ahead.


Wall St mixed, Tech shares fall, Oil panic buying in U.K., Brambles rated as buy: ASX to fall

28 Sep 2021 - Mixed market across the globe as investors pivoted to cyclicals and value stocks, leaving tech and growth players behind. Energy stocks continued to power up as oil prices surged on fuel demand. Treasury bulls outpaced last week's performance with financials as beneficiaries of its moves. Citi rated Brambles (ASX:BXB) as a buy.