Software Options

Choose an investment software to suit your trading needs

Sequoia Direct through the Morrison Platform offers a choice of investment software to suit your trading needs.

Sequoia Direct

The Sequoia Direct Analyser provided by the Morrison Platform is our advanced trading solution starting from $70 (including GST) per month that integrates the best trading tools with our proprietary market analyser indicators, analytics and charting tools.

Sequoia Direct Analyser provides advanced analysis and market scanning functions, you can use to find trade ideas, monitor the market and manage your trades all from a single software solution.

  • security information, company news and more
  • An array of data views to enable a full picture of the price movements and market trends affecting your portfolio.
  • Online Trading & Order Management
  • Ability to create, monitor and modify your orders in response to real time market forces, and set alerts and contingent orders to quickly take profits when the opportunity pops up.
  • In-depth charting with 60+ indicators with 16 year history
  • Sophisticated Order Management tool
  • Advanced order types including Stop/Trailing Stop Loss
  • Linked cash account for seamless settlement

Sequoia Direct

Sequoia Direct Online is our FREE entry-level solution for investors looking to access market information and trade shares, options and warrants online. With Morrison Platform as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser you can access on Mac, PC, smart mobile & tablet.

With a simple-to-use interface Sequoia Direct Online puts the Australian stock market at your finger-tips, and contains all the core information required to monitor the market and manage your trades.

  • Live market data quotes (request-based)
  • Customisable watchlists
  • Easy order placement, including free contingent order management
  • Company earnings data and performance ratios
  • Security charts
  • Company reports and historical dividend details

Morrison Platform Mobile Applications

Sequoia Direct gives you exclusive access to the Morrison Platform App.
The brand new app from Morrison Platform gives you the flexibility to trade the ASX, Chi-X and Options markets right from the palm of your hand, whenever you want, wherever you want with Morrison Platform by your side.

Trade the equities and options markets right from the palm of your hand, included within is live dynamic data, fully integrated trading user customizable watchlist, indices data and charting.

  • Delayed and Dynamic Data
  • Seamless integration from your portfolio to the market
  • Free Alerts – Never miss an opportunity
  • View your orders, portfolio and cash balance
  • Easy access to place a trade
  • Charting Functions
  • Create and edit your Watchlists directly from your smartphone