Trading Warrants

Trade ASX Warrants with Sequoia Direct

ASX Warrants are a form of listed derivative product which enables you to gain exposure to the performance of an underlying instrument. Warrants can be issued over a range of instruments including shares, indices, ETF’s, currencies and commodities.

In order to trade warrants, you will need to complete and sign a Warrant Client Agreement Form and have sufficient funds in your nominated cash account or alternatively linked to your nominated Margin Loan account. ASX does not permit short selling of warrants. Warrants are settled on a T+2 basis in the same was as ordinary shares

One of the advantages of using Sequoia Direct is our support for active traders. On completion of each trading session all your trades executed for each warrant are aggregated and booked at the average price. Confirmation is then emailed to you detailing the type, quantity and costs associated with this via a contract note.

More detailed information on warrants can be found at the ASX website by clicking here