Fees in Detail

Equity and Warrants Trading

At Sequoia Direct you can choose between two exciting rates:

ASX Shares & Warrants

  • Lodgement of Original Prospectus with ASIC
  • Lodgement of this Replacement Prospectus with ASIC
  • Offer opens
  • Offer closes
  • Completion of the Offer
  • Expected Allotment Date
  • Expected date for dispatch of holding statements
  • Trading of Shares commences on the ASX on a normal settlement basis
  • 11 August 2017
  • 24 August 2017
  • 26 August 2017
  • 5:00 pm – 5 October 2017
  • 12 October 2017
  • 12 October 2017
  • 13 October 2017
  • 16 October 2017

* By subscribing to Bourse Data you will be entitled to the Reward Rates brokerage.

No additional fees are charged for automatic Stop Loss (contingent) orders.

There are several unique aspects to this commission structure that we believe makes trading through Sequoia Direct more cost effective. Most brokers charge brokerage on a per order basis. Sequoia Direct recognises that you may wish to spread your purchases and sales over a trading session, and we think this strategy should not be unduly impacted by cost considerations.

This is why Sequoia Direct charges per confirmation issued to you, rather than per trade. Confirmations are issued at the end of the trading day for any transactions that occur. An individual confirmation is issued for a buy or a sell in an individual stock, and is issued irrespective of whether an order is deemed to be complete, i.e. you wished to purchase 1,000 shares and only 800 are completed.

If the balance of this order is filled the next day then a new confirmation would be issued for the purchase of the remaining 200 shares, i.e. in this situation two confirmations would be generated, thus resulting in two brokerage charges.

Multiple trades at up to 12 different price levels can be placed on one confirmation. Further trades at additional price lines will appear on a second confirmation, on which brokerage will also be charged.

Exchange Traded Options

Sequoia Direct charges $0.242 (inc GST) per option or LEPO contract with a minimum brokerage of $26.40 (inc GST) for all transactions same side, same series, same day. Confirmations (trading statements) are issued at the end of a trading day.

Option exercise/assignment is charged at the same rate as an equity trade, where the total trade value is the option premium.

In addition to the above, all ASX/ACH fees incurred on your behalf will be charged to your account.

ETO Phone Rates

All equities, options and warrant trades placed over the phone will be charged brokerage of $55 min or 0.22%, whichever is greater.

One off trading

One-off trades cost $100 (+GST), or 0.5% (whichever is greater).

All prices listed above are GST inclusive.

All ASX charges incurred on your behalf will be charged to your account.

  • Fail Fee (Buy)
  • Fail Fee (Sell)
  • Options Fail Fee
  • Penalty Fees
  • SRN Enquiry
  • Rebooking Fee
  • Off Market Transfer
  • $55 per day + corresponding penalty fees
  • Minimum $55 per day + corresponding penalty fees + ASX fees
  • $55 per day + corresponding penalty fees
  • 15% p.a. on all outstanding monies
  • $27.50
  • $33
  • $55